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Ralu Nana Silvia Divan



Ralu Divan is a top micro-nanofabrication expert with 20+ years of experience in materials, process, and device integration. She joint the Center for Nanoscale Materials in 2005 and her current research interest is in the area of development of high resolution, high aspect ratio lithographic processes by development of etching and growth processes for advanced micro- and nano-devices, characterizing chemical and lithographic properties of materials, synthesis of nanoparticles and their use in micro-/nanodevices, characterizing interfacial and compatibility properties of materials used in MEMS and NEMS, and development of membrane-based devices. She has published over 150 papers in journals and conference proceedings, two patents and she is a recipient of a R&D 100 Awards, and a R&D 100 Awards Finalist.


  • B.S., Inorganic Chemistry, University of Bucharest, Romania, 1976
  • M.S., Inorganic  Chemistry, University of Bucharest, Romania, 1977
  • Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, University of Bucharest, Romania, 1999
  • Postdoctoral, X-ray LIGA, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne, IL, 1999-2002

Awards, Honors and Memberships

  • R&D 100 Awards 2006 Anti-Scatter Grids for X-Ray Imaging and Collimators for Nuclear Imaging”
  • R&D 100 Awards Finalist 2016 Highly Sensitive Sensor for Distributed Methane Leak Detection”
  • PSE Excellence Award 2017  in recognition of outstanding scientific and technical contributions to the success of the SPT-3G project 

Publications and Patents

  • U.S. Patent No. 9,153,453 B2, Technique for Etching Monolayer and Multilayer Materials”
  • U.S. Patent No. 9,299,526 B2, Method to Fabricate Portable Electron Source Based on Nitrogen Incorporated Ultrananocrystalline Diamond (N-UNCD)
  • Ocola L.E., Wang Y., Divan R., Chen J., Multifunctional UV and Gas Sensors Based on Vertically Nanostructured Zin Oxide: Volume Versus Surface Effect,”. Sensors, 19(9), 2061-2070, 2019.
  • Yan D., Divan R., Gades L. M., Kenesei P., Madden T. J., Miceli A., Park J., Patel U. M., Quaranta O., Sharma H., Bennett D. A., Doriese W. B., Fowler J. W., Gard J. D., Hays-wehle J. P., Morgan K. M., Schmidt D. R., Swetz D. S., and Ullom J. N., Microstructure Analysis of Bismuth Absorbers for Transition-Edge Sensor X-ray Microcalorimeters,”. J. Low Temp. Phys., 193, 225-230, 2018.
  • Wang Y-Lei, Ma X., Xu J., Xiao Z-Li., Snezhko A., Divan R., Ocola L.E., Pearson J.E., Janko B., Kwok W-Kwong, Switchable geometric frustration in an artificial-spin-ice–superconductor heterosystem,”. Nature Nanotechnology, 13(7), 560-565, 2018.
  • Michalska M., Gambacorta F., Divan R., Aranson I.S., Sokolov A., Noirot P., Laible P.D., Tuning antimicrobial properties of biomimetic nanopatterned surfaces,”. Nanoscale, 10(14), 6639-6650, 2018.
  • Moldovan N., Divan R., Zeng H., Ocola L.E., De Andrade V., Wojceik M., Atomic layer deposition frequency-multiplied Fresnel zone plates for hard x-rays.”, JVST A 36(1), 01A124-1 to 01A124-8, 2018.
  • Liu F., Parkinson B.A., Divan, R.,  Roberts J., Liang Y., Quantative Analysis of Homogeneous Electrocatalytic Recations at IDA Electrodes: The Example of [Ni(PPh2NBn2)2]2+,”. Electrochimica Acta, 222, 323-330, 2016.
  • Wang Y-Lei, Xiao Zhi-Li, Snezhko A., Xu J., Ocola L.E., Divan R., Pearson J.E., Crabtree G.W., Kwok W-Kwong, Rewritable artificial magnetic charge ice.”, Science Vol 352, 6288, 962-966, 2016.