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Saidur Rahman Bakaul

Assistant Materials Scientist

I am interested in interdisciplinary research at the intersection of materials science and electronic engineering


I am a Principal Investigator in the Materials Science Division, leading the works on ferroelectric and multiferroic materials and activities related to the scanning probe microscopy. I invented the Layer Transfer Technique to create freestanding ultrathin films of single-crystalline complex oxide materials. I have deep experience in semiconductor, ferroic, and superconducting materials and devices. My current research is mostly focused on exploring local electronic, piezoelectric and thermal properties of freestanding complex oxide materials that can be utilized in beyond-CMOS microelectronic logic, memory and sensing devices. My ongoing research also encompasses 2-D and binary oxide ferroelectric materials and emerging electromechanical phenomena that arise due to the intricate structure-polarization relationship.

Professional Experience

  • 2017-present: Assistant Materials Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory
  • 2013-2017: Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Berkeley
  • 2012-2013: JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, Kyushu University, Japan


  • Ph.D. National University of Singapore, 2011
  • B.Sc. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), 2005

Research Interest

Ferroelectric materials, freestanding complex oxides, beyond-CMOS microelectronic memory, scanning probe microscopy

Ten Highlight Publications (over 900 citations combined for these 10; * indicates the corresponding author)

(10) M. Abuwasib, C. R. Serrao, L. Stan, S. Salahuddin, S. R. Bakaul*, Tunneling electroresistance effects in epitaxial complex oxides on silicon”, Applied Physics Letters 116, 032902 (2020). [Featured Article]

(9)  S. R. Bakaul*, J. Kim, S. Hong, M. J Cherukara, T. Zhou, L. Stan, C. R. Serrao, S. Salahuddin, A. K. Petford‐Long, D. D Fong, M. V. Holt, Ferroelectric domain wall motion in freestanding single‐crystal complex oxide thin film,”, Advanced Materials 32, 1907036 (2019). 

(8)  S. R. Bakaul, C. Serrao, O. J. Lee, Z. Lu, A. Yadav, C. Carraro, R. Maboudian, ” High-speed epitaxial perovskite memory on flexible substrate”, R. Ramesh and S. Salahuddin, Advanced Materials 29, 1605699 (2017). 

(7)  S. R. Bakaul, C. R. Serrao, M. Lee, L. You, C. W. Yeung, A. Sarker, S.-L. Hsu, A. Yadav, A. I. Khan, J. D. Clarkson, C. Hu, R. Ramesh, S. Salahuddin, Single-crystal functional oxides on silicon,” Nature Communications 7, 10547 (2016).

(6)  A. I. Khan, K. Chatterjee, B. Wang, S. Drapcho, L. You, C. Serrao, S. R. Bakaul, R. Ramseh, and S. Salahuddin, Negative capacitance in a ferroelectric capacitor”, Nature Materials 14, 182 (2014).

(5)  S. R. Bakaul, S. Hu, and T. Kimura, Thermal gradient driven enhancement of pure spin current at room temperature in nonlocal spin transport devices”, Physical Review B 88, 184407 (2013).

(4)   S. R. Bakaul*, T. Wu, and T. Kimura, Intrinsic domain-wall resistivity in half-metallic manganite thin films”, Physical Review B 86, 184404 (2012).

(3)   D. Wang, Q. Chen, G. Z. Xing, J. Yi, S. R. Bakaul, J. Ding, J. Wang, and T. Wu, Robust room-temperature ferromagnetism with giant anisotropy in Nd-doped ZnO nanowire arrays”, Nano Letters 12, 3994 (2012).

(2)   S. R. Bakaul, W. Lin, and T. Wu, Evolution of stripe to bubble magnetic domains in oxide ferromagnetic thin films”, Applied Physics Letters 99, 042503 (2011).

(1S. R. Bakaul, B. L. Wu, G.C. Han, and Y.H. Wu, Probing magnetization reversal in ferromagnetic disk by superconductor-ferromagnet junction”, Appl. Phys. Lett. 97, 042503 (2010).

Upcoming articles

J. W. Adkins, I. Fina, F. Sánchez, S. R. Bakaul*, and J. T. Abiade1,4,5, Thermal evolution of ferroelectric behavior in epitaxial Hf0.5Zr0.5O2″, Appl. Phys. Lett. (2020).