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Seamus P Riordan

Assistant Physicist-Experimentalist

I am a physicist doing research with electron beams studying the structure of nucleons and nuclei as well as tests of fundamental symmetries.


I am currently involved with several parity-violation programs at Jefferson Lab. These include the measurement of the neutron skin thickenss of 208Pb, PREX-II and of 48Ca, CREX, using elastic elastic nuclear scattering. These experiments will provide precise data to constrain the neutron-rich nuclear matter equation of state and will impact on our understanding of neutron star structure and the observable neutron star merger gravitational wave signals from LIGO

I am a spokesperson  for a measurement of the elastic form factor of the neutron, GEn, at high momentum transfer with the Super Bigbite collaboration.  These measurements provide high-resolution information on the detailed charge structure of the neutron and can provide insight into the underworkings of quantum chromodynamics.

I am involved with developing the future Jefferson Lab 12 GeV measurements with a new high intensity, large acceptance solenoidal spectrometer, SoLID.  These measurements will reveal the individual quark structure of the proton, neutron, and nuclei in a new light as well as provide tests of the weak interaction in the standard model.  I am also a collaborator on MOLLER, which will provide one of the most precise measurements of sin2θW, which determines the strength of the weak interaction, ever performed and search for new interactions which would be beyond the reach of even the Large Hadron Collider.