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Siddharth Maddali

Assistant Scientist (term)

Inverse problems in x-ray and materials science; high performance computing


Assistant Scientist in the Synchrotron Studies of Materials group.


  • Ph.D (physics), Carnegie Mellon University (2016)
  • M.S. (physics), Carnegie Mellon University (2010)
  • M.Sc (physics), Indian Institute of Technology Madras (2009)
  • B.Sc (physics, mathematics), Bangalore University (2007)

Research interests

X-ray sciences, imaging and characterization:

  • Coherent diffraction imaging (CDI) of tensor fields in materials
  • High-energy x-ray diffraction microscopy (HEDM)
  • Multiscale characterization with x-rays probes
  • Coherent dark-field x-ray microscopy (DFXM)
  • X-ray photon correlation spectroscopy (XPCS)

Condensed matter physics:

  • Mesoscale/nanoscale structure and lattice strain
  • Interfacial dynamics in polycrystals

Computational methods:

  • Inverse problems, phase retrieval
  • Signal processing and optimization
  • Data science, machine learning, reinforcement learning -based experimental control
  • High-performance computing and scientific software development

Selected publications

  • Wilkin M. J., Maddali S., Hruszkewycz S. O., Pateras A., Sandberg R. L., Harder R., Cha W., Suter R. M. and Rollett A. D., Experimental demonstration of coupled multi-peak Bragg coherent diffraction imaging with genetic algorithms, Phys. Rev. B, vol. 103, number , pp. 214103, Jun 2021 (online)
  • Kandel S., Maddali S., Nashed Y. S. G, Hruszkewycz S. O., Jacobsen C. and Allain M., Efficient ptychographic phase retrieval via a matrix-free Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm, Opt. Express, vol. 29, number 15, pp. 23019–23055, Jul 2021 (online).
  • Maddali S., Park J.-S., Sharma H., Shastri S., Kenesei P., Almer J., Harder R., Highland M. J., Nashed Y. and Hruszkewycz S. O., High-Energy Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Microscopy of Polycrystal Grains: Steps Toward a Multiscale Approach, Phys. Rev. Applied 024085, Aug 2020 (online)
  • Maddali S., Li P., Pateras A. et al., General approaches for shear-correcting coordinate transformations in Bragg coherent diffraction imaging. Part I, Journal of Applied Crystallography, vol. 53, number 2, pp. , Apr 2020. (online)
  • Maddali S., Allain M., Cha W. et al., Phase retrieval for Bragg coherent diffraction imaging at high x-ray energies, Phys. Rev. A, vol. 99, number , pp. 053838, May 2019. (online)
  • Kandel Saugat, Maddali S., Allain Marc et al., Using automatic differentiation as a general framework for ptychographic reconstruction, Opt. Express, vol. 27, number 13, pp. 18653–18672, Jun 2019. (online)
  • Maddali S., Calvo-Almazan I., Almer J. et al., Sparse recovery of undersampled intensity patterns for coherent diffraction imaging at high X-ray energies, Scientific Reports, vol. 8, number 1, pp. 4959, 2018. (online)
  • Shen Yu-Feng, Maddali S., Menasche D., Bhattacharya A., Rohrer G. S. and Suter R. M., Importance of outliers: A three-dimensional study of coarsening in αα-phase iron, Phys. Rev. Materials, vol. 3, number , pp. 063611, Jun 2019 (online)
  • Maddali S., Ta’asan S. and M. R., Topology-faithful nonparametric estimation and tracking of bulk interface networks, Computational Materials Science, vol. 125, number , pp. 382–340, 2016. (online)

Selected presentations (invited)

  1. Workshop on Advanced probes and data analytics for enabling single-pulse imaging under dynamic conditions, Santa Fe, NM (August 2019)
  2. The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS), San Antonio, TX (March 2019)