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Vincent De Andrade


Beamline scientist who developed and leads the TXM at 32-ID, an in-house instrument dedicated to in situ nanotomography for Materials and Environmental Science.


Dr. Vincent De Andrade is beamline scientist at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory where he is leading the scientific program of a Transmission X-ray Microscope, an instrument dedicated to in situ X-ray nanotomography. His research focuses on instrumentation development for imaging techniques applied to Materials and Environmental Science. He is also exploring possibilities to overcome physical limitation in X-ray imaging with the help of artificial intelligence. AI algorithms have been implemented for denoising low dose tomograms, improving the resolving power of X-ray microscopes with super resolution techniques or still segmenting challenging large volume 3D dataset. After the obtaining of a PhD degree in Earth Science, he served in the synchrotron community for more than a decade, at the ESRF first, then at NSLS-II and finally at APS when he joined the imaging group in 2014.

    In his early career, he developed an approach based on Electron Probe Micro Analyzer to acquire chemical images of heterogeneous rocks and apply statistical and thermodynamic methods to decode the complex information stored in them. He then developed an instrument on a synchrotron beamline (ID-21 at the ESRF) enabling high-resolution 2D imaging spectroscopy (of rocks or any other materials) to extract the chemical speciation of elements out of XANES spectra. Combining the two techniques mentioned above gave new insight on the complex history of materials like primitive meteorites or rocks from the early Earth.

    After this period, he joined NSLS-II during its project phase as second scientist on the Sub-micron Resolution X-ray spectroscopy (SRX) beamline, a fluorescence micro/nanoprobe where one of the two experimental stations is being aimed for biological studies.

    Once the design of SRX has been completed, he joined APS where he took over a prototype nano-tomography instrument that he fully redesigned and rebuilt while ensuring its operation. The instrument currently shows a very good productivity in many scientific field Materials and Environmental Science.


Selected Publications

• S. Müller, P. Pietsch, B. E. Brandt, P. Baade, V. De Andrade, F. De Carlo & V. Wood. Quantification and modeling of mechanical degradation in lithium-ion batteries based on nanoscale imaging.” Nature Communication, volume 9, Article number: 2340 (2018).

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• C.S. Kaira, V. De Andrade, S.S. Singh, C. Kantzos, A. Kirubanandham, F. De Carlo, N. Chawla, Probing novel microstructural evolution mechanisms in aluminum alloys using 4D nanoscale characterization.” Advanced Materials, (2017) 1703482, doi​.org/​1​0​.​1​0​0​2​/​a​d​m​a​.​2​0​1​7​03482.

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