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Xiuquan Zhou

Postdoctoral Appointee

exploratory synthesis of novel superconductors


Xiuquan Zhou is a postdoctoral appointee in the Emerging Materials Group. He received Ph.D in chemistry from the University of Maryland and B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from the East China University of Science and Technology. His research focuses on exploratory synthesis of novel structures and compounds using high-temperature solutions, such as molten salts. This unique approach provides a universal route for crystal growth of novel heterolayered materials including superconductors.

Selected Publications  


  1. Zhou, X.; Wang, L.; Fan, X.; Wilfong, B.; Liou, S.-C.; Wang, Y.; Zheng, H.; Feng, Z.; Wang, C.; Rodriguez, E. E, Isotope Effect between H2O and D2O in Hydrothermal Synthesis”, Chem. Mater.,2020, 32, 765. [Link]
  2. Zhou, X.; Wilfong, B.; Liou, S.-C.; Hodovanets, H.; Brown C. M. and Rodriguez, E.E, Proton and ammonia intercalation into layered iron chalcogenides”, Chem. Comm., 2018, 54, 6895-6898. [Link]
  3. Wilfong, B.; Zhou, X.; Vivanco, H.; Campbell, D.J.; Wang, K.; Graf, D.; Paglione, J.; and Rodriguez, E.E, Frustrated magnetism in the tetragonal CoSe analog of superconducting FeSe”, Phys. Rev. B., 2018, 97, 104408. [Link]
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  5. Zhou, X.; Eckberg, C.; Wilfong, B.; Liou, S.-C.; Vivanco, H. K.; Paglione, J.; Rodriguez, E. E., Superconductivity in iron sulfides intercalated by metal hydroxides”, Chem. Sci., 2017, 8, 3781. [Link]
  6. Zhou, X.; Wilfong, B.; Vivanco, H. K.; Paglione, J.; Brown, C. M.; Rodriguez, E. E., Layered metastable cobalt chalcogenides from topochemical deintercalation”, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016, 138, 16432. [Link]
  7. Borg, C. K. H.; Zhou, X.; Eckberg, C.; Campbell, D. J.; Saha, S. R.; Paglione, J.; Rodriguez, E. E., Strong anisotropy in nearly ideal tetrahedral superconducting FeS single crystals.”, Phys. Rev. B, 2016, 93, 094522. [Link]
  8. Zhou, X.; Borg, C. K. H.; Lynn, J. W.; Saha, S. R.; Paglione, J.; Rodriguez, E. E., The preparation and phase diagrams of (7Li1-xFexOD)FeSe and (Li1-xFexOH)FeSe superconductors.”, J. Mater. Chem. C, 2016, 4, 3934. [Link]