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Yi Ran Lu

Postdoctoral Appointee


Yi Ran Lu is a chemical engineering researcher at Argonne National Laboratory. He is responsible for conducting techno-economic analysis (TEA) and lifecycle assessment (LCA) in the Energy Systems and Infrastructure Analysis division.

Before being appointed as a postdoc at Argonne, Yi Ran worked for Enerkem Inc, developing advanced waste-to-fuel and chemicals technologies. He was responsible for designing and proving concept reactors in the laboratory and creating models from experimental data for scale-up efforts. He also worked on developing an electrically heated steam methane reformer during his studies at the University of Alberta, Canada.

In addition to TEA and LCA, Yi Ran’s repertoire of skills includes reactor engineering, catalyst synthesis, process simulation, CFD-DEM simulations, and kinetic modeling. His area of research interests includes electrification, decarbonization, energy storage, waste-to-fuel, and hydrogen technologies.