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Physical Sciences and Engineering

The work of the Physical Sciences and Engineering directorate in fundamental and applied physics, chemistry and materials science provides a foundation for unparalleled collaborations.

Basic science research has been the major driver of economic growth for at least the past century, and there is no reason to think that this pattern will change in the near future. The pipeline of discovery that will eventually lead to the development of future technologies depends on our commitment to providing initial investments in fundamental and applied science.


Physical Sciences and Engineering General Inquiries


TEDx Talk: Superlubricity

Anirudha Ani” Sumant’s work on superlubricity—near zero friction—has opened a new era in solid lubrication technology.


To the Ends of the Earth and the Beginning of the Cosmos

Clarence Chang discusses how scientists use the South Pole Telescope to study the earliest period of the universe’s formation


Oleo Sponge soaks up oil spills from water

Argonne researchers have invented a technology that offers several key advantages over the technologies and techniques that are currently used to combat this problem

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Energy Frontier Research Centers

Pulling together small teams of leading university and national laboratory researchers focusing on solving specific scientific problems that are blocking clean energy development

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With an unwavering focus on our mission, our researchers take an interdisciplinary approach to research, advancing their fields of study and generating new knowledge for the benefit of future generations.