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Quantum Information Science

QIS Areas of Focus

Argonne has a broad portfolio of quantum information science (QIS) projects, falling under three broad areas. Many of these projects leverage the special capabilities of key Argonne facilities, such as the Advanced Photon Source, Center for Nanoscale Materials, and Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, all U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science user facilities.

Research Area

Materials for Quantum Information

Projects in this area focus on development and characterization of materials for next-generation quantum systems, such as quantum bits or qubits,” which are fundamental objects in QIS and form the basis of quantum computing and networking architectures.
Research Area

Quantum Computing & Simulation

Argonne is building quantum computing and networking infrastructure that use quantum phenomena to enable groundbreaking applications. This work employs supercomputers to simulate the behavior of the underlying quantum materials, devices and algorithms.
Research Area

Quantum Sensing

In this area, Argonne is harnessing various quantum mechanical features to perform highly sensitive measurements. Potential applications include imaging brain function, searching for gravitational waves, and hunting for dark matter.