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Argonne Quantum Institute

Argonne leverages multidisciplinary teams, world-class facilities, and powerful scientific tools to confront some of the most profound scientific and technological challenges in quantum information science.

The Argonne Quantum Institute aims to expand and promote the diverse quantum research activities at Argonne National Laboratory and to enhance partnerships with industry, academia and other U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories.

Quantum information technologies are posed to transform communications, computing, sensing, finance, national security, drug discovery, and the design of new materials while fundamentally increasing our scientific understanding of quantum matter and the universe. AQI provides vision and forges collaboration with other research institutions to better understand and develop these technologies.

Argonne has a broad portfolio of quantum information science projects, which leverage special capabilities of Argonne’s research facilities, such as the Argonne Quantum Foundry, the Advanced Photon Source, the Center for Nanoscale Materials, and the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. These world-class resources enable Argonne researchers and others around the globe to conduct impactful science and make breakthroughs in quantum information science and engineering.