Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne Researchers

Name Title Topics Organization
Andrey V. Sokolov Assistant Physicist Materials Science
Andrzej Joachimiak Argonne Distinguished Scientist Structural biology Biosciences
Photo of Angel Yanguas-Gil Angel Yanguas-Gil Principal Materials Scientist, Institute Fellow, Northwestern Argonne Institute of Science and Engineering Plasma physics Energy Systems
Anh Vu Assistant Chemist - Term Chemical Sciences and Engineering
Photo of Anil Mane Anil Mane Principal Material Science Engineer Manufacturing Energy Systems
Photo of Anirudha Sumant Anirudha Sumant Scientist Nanoscience Nanoscience and Technology
Photo of Ann Schlenker Ann Schlenker Director - Center for Transportation Research Vehicles Energy Systems
Anne Marie March Assistant Physicist Physical Sciences and Engineering
Anouar Benali Assistant Comoutational Scientist Argonne Leadership Computing Facility
Anshu Dubey Computer Scientist Mathematics, computing, & computer science Mathematics and Computer Science