Argonne National Laboratory

Exascale Computing Applications

Within the ECP, Argonne leads two fully funded application development projects and one seed-funded project:

Computing the Sky at Extreme Scales will equip cosmologists with the ability to design foundational simulations to create “virtual universes” on demand at the extreme fidelities demanded by future multi-wavelength sky surveys.

Exascale Deep Learning and Simulation Enabled Precision Medicine for Cancer focuses on building a scalable deep neural network code called the CANcer Distributed Learning Environment (CANDLE) that addresses the top challenges of the National Cancer Institute: understanding the molecular basis of key protein interactions; developing predictive models for drug response; and extraction of information from millions of cancer patient records to determine optimal cancer treatment strategies.

Additionally, seed-funded Multiscale Coupled Urban Systems will create an integrated modeling framework comprising data curation, analytics, modeling and simulation components that will equip city designers, planners and managers to scientifically develop and evaluate solutions to issues that affect cities now and in the future, such as population mobility and transportation and water resources.