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The Institute for Molecular Engineering at Argonne National Laboratory (IME @Argonne) is addressing a set of prominent research themes broadly aimed at concrete advances in important technology sectors. Each one aims at a societal problem of global significance.

IME @Argonne has four main focus areas:

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Research Focus Areas


IME@Argonne conducts a range of research related to materials for water, including advanced sorbents for cleaning oil spills and new sensing networks for detecting water quality in real time.

Quantum Information and Technology

IME@Argonne sits at the forefront of various emerging fields of quantum science and engineering.

Energy Storage

Energy storage research by IME@Argonne focuses on lithium-ion battery safety, battery performance, and grid-storage technologies.

Soft Matter

IME@Argonne has assembled a team with deep expertise in synthesis, characterization, theory and computation to pursue breakthroughs in soft matter science and engineering.