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Strategic Security Sciences

Cyber Situational Awareness

Leveraging capabilities across the laboratory to increase cybersecurity threat awareness to better prepare cyber defenders and decision makers.

Did You Know?

Information Technology (IT) permeates our lives, from the cell phones in our pockets to the financial transactions that keep supplies moving; from the clean water we drink to the electricity that powers our homes. But everywhere that IT touches our lives, so does cyber risk. To combat cyber risk we must have awareness of what we have, current vulnerabilities, and credible threats. This information is scattered across devices, people, and organizations. It is accessed through varied means and is represented in varied formats.


There are many opportunities to improve cyber situational awareness in both focused areas and broadly. The multi-disciplinary skills in security-centric system design, software engineering, cyber and risk analysis, assessments, information sharing, and operations, position Argonne well to further the state-of-the-art of cyber situational awareness.


By bringing together intelligence, threat, and vulnerability information with system data, awareness of top threats and risks can be improved. This awareness enables cyber defenders and decision makers to proactively defend against risks and to respond to active threats. In some cases, this situational awareness can be fed into information sharing programs and into orchestration tools to improve defense across entire critical infrastructure sectors.