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Strategic Security Sciences Division

Fast Response Using a Cyber-Weathermap

Using multi-sourced, real-time utilities data to create a country-wide cyber weathermap to identify and monitor outages.

Did You Know?

On average, electric utilities have one outage per year totaling 4 hours of downtime. The same issues occur in other public and private utilities such as water, internet infrastructure, and more1. To fix these issues, first responders must be aware of the occurrences in a timely manner.


A cyber weathermap is an opportunity to have a clear visualization of the availability of information. Availability, along with integrity and confidentiality, serve as the backbone of information security. If information is not available to the end-user that requires it, then any integrity or confidentiality that is applied to that data becomes useless. A cyber weathermap is meant to be a tool for analysts to monitor to make certain that the information provided by their networks is available, and if not, to determine the source of their interruption of service.


By mining public and private information sources and using machine learning algorithms, outages can be identified for electric, water, internet, and other infrastructures. A cyber weathermap helps to visualize these outages in real time, along with their associated geographic impacts, across multiple infrastructure sectors. This visualization allows analysts to quickly identify outages with just a glance.

1 https://​www​.eia​.gov/​t​o​d​a​y​i​n​e​n​e​r​g​y​/​d​e​t​a​i​l​.​p​h​p​?​i​d​=​35652#