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Radiochemistry Laboratory

Developing and executing novel separation and analysis methods for the nuclear forensic community.

Radiochemistry R&D activities are performed in concert with the Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (ACL) to advance the capabilities of the U.S. government with respect to forensic analysis of radiological and nuclear material.

  • Dismantlement of sealed radioactive sources
  • Dissolution and chemical analysis of radioactive material
  • Morphological analysis of radioactive material
  • Development of debris collection techniques and equipment
  • Analysis of detonation debris

Instrumentation & Equipment

The laboratory contains most commonplace laboratory equipment (pH probes, hot-plates, stirrers, pipettes, fume hoods, etc.) along with low-pressure chromatography equipment, glove bags, a UV-Vis spectrophotometer, an Ion Mobility Spectrometer, as well as a hand-held X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer.

Close partnership with Argonne’s ACL also provides access to standard nuclear measurement techniques, as well as a suite of inorganic analysis techniques and years of experience solving analytical chemistry problems.