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Strategic Security Sciences

Security-Centric System Design

Leading the design and implementation of security-centric systems, rigorously tested by industry experts using think like the enemy” exploitation techniques.

Did You Know?

A secure system is more than the operating system that you choose, the security suite you add, or the password you use. A secure system requires defining operational procedures, evaluating network positioning and monitoring and verifying that the design is being followed.


Security-centric system design requires specialized knowledge of security principles along with the simultaneous consideration of business needs, system capabilities, application design, network architecture, and user dynamics. While there are many organizations that can provide expertise in one or a couple of these areas, Argonne’s multi-disciplinary teams create an opportunity to assist with the full scope of system design, implementation, and operation.


Argonne works with sponsors, developers, and security officers to understand business needs, identify interdependencies, and define risks. We use this knowledge to design, develop, and implement secure systems and applications and ensure that accurate and effective security controls are in place and documented. We then apply expertise in vulnerability analysis and exploitation techniques to think like the enemy” during testing and verification.