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Sustainability Program

Mobility Solutions

Meeting mobility needs with flexible and efficient programs

Argonne provides a dynamic suite of solutions to support movement of employees, site users, and visitors to and within our campus. We are committed to providing mobility solutions that are efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

We are leveraging technology, regional resources and innovative mobility solutions to further advance our sustainability goals and help attract and retain the best talent.

Our key focus areas to improve mobility solutions include:

  • Improving travel between downtown Chicago, Hyde Park, and Argonne
  • Enhancing green commuting support, including access to rideshare, electric vehicle charging stations and last-mile connections
  • Improving onsite mobility solutions, including enhanced shared-use mobility options
  • Increasing green fleet efforts, including zero-emission vehicles, shared-use vehicles, and communications

Shared-Use Mobility

We promote transportation services that are shared among users, which reduces cost, provides more mobility choice, reduces traffic congestion and air pollution and improves efficiency. These include:

  • Rideshare program for ride matching and commute tracking, through GreenRide Connect
  • Vanpooling, with pre-tax savings program
  • RTA Trip Planner to take advantage of regional mass transit options
  • Shuttle for collaborations between Argonne and the University of Chicago
  • On-site bikeshare, open to employees and visitors (link to NEW bike share page)

To encourage green commuting, we provide reserved parking spaces across campus for High-Efficiency Vehicles (HEVs), carpools and vanpools. 

Flexible work schedules and technology resources

We promote safety, reduce environmental impact and support work life balance with robust programs that decrease roadway and air miles from commuting and work travel, including:

  • Working from home as work allows through telecommuting
  • Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) to compress work into less days or shift work hours to meet individual needs
  • Teleconferencing and videoconferencing to connect work teams and share information without needing to travel

Success Story: Travel and Commute

Annually, our telecommuting and AWS program avoided more than 200,000 miles of employee commuting.

Learn More

Electric vehicle charging program

Argonne is a leader in workplace electric vehicle (EV) charging, providing a robust network of charging stations across the site open to all employees for a monthly fee.

Active campus culture promotes health and sustainability

At Argonne, we incorporate health and safety into everything we do. We promote walking and biking for wellness benefits and as an environmentally friendly way to get around the laboratory. The laboratory’s 1,500 acres of woodland, wetland and prairie habitat provide visual interest while walking to meetings or the cafeteria. Learn more

Our Bikeshare Program provides 120 bicycles for environmentally friendly transportation or fitness from April through October.

Continued success by greening the fleet

Argonne has met and exceeded all sustainability goals related to fleet transportation, reducing petroleum use and increasing alternate fuel use. Today, 95% of fleet vehicles operate on ethanol, biodiesel or electricity. Learn more