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Research Highlight | Transportation and Power Systems

Argonne program manager discusses developing the automotive industry’s future through collegiate competitions

Every year you get new students, and you see them learn and you see them grow, develop skills, figure out how to tackle complex challenges in the mobility space on a variety of disciplines and topics.”

Argonne’s EcoCAR EV Challenge Senior Program Manager Jesse Alley recently spoke with AVL’s Reimagine Mobility Podcast alongside University of Alabama Ph.D. student participant, Kayla Hamilton, about the valuable experience of the EcoCAR Challenge, the future of autonomous mobility, and staying relevant with the trends of the automotive industry.

The EcoCAR EV Challenge is a four-year collegiate automotive engineering competition, providing hands-on educational experience to students across the country with the goal of building a diverse clean energy workforce by putting students at the cutting edge of the auto industry.

Tune in to the podcast to learn more.