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Transportation and Power Systems

D3 2021 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Vehicle Summary

  • Vehicle (Make and Model): 2021 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
  • VINKMHL24JJ8MA030669
  • Engine: 
    2.0-Liter, I4, (A25A-FXS)
    112 kW (150 hp) @6,000 rpm
    188 Nm (139 ft*lbf) @5,000 rpm
    Compression Ratio 14.0:1
    Direct Injection
  • Electric Motor:
    • Driver Motor:
      Permanent Magnet
      205 Nm @ 0-1,800 rpm
      38.6 kW @ 1,800-2,300 rpm, 30.4kW @ 6,400 rpm (max)
    • Starter Generator:
      Permanent Magnet
      43.2 Nm @ 0-1,870 rpm
      8.5 kW @ 1870-12,000 rpm (max)
  • HV Battery:
    Lithium-Ion Polymer
    8 Cells per Module, 9 Modules Total
    Rated Voltage: 270 V, Nominal Capacity: 5.5 Ah
    Air Cooling
  • Climate Control: Dual-Zone Automatic Temperature Control
  • EPA Label Fuel Economy (MPG): 50 City/54 Highway/52 Combined

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