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CNM Organization Chart

Organizational structure of Argonnne's Center for Nanoscale Materials

Spectrum Meeting

Spectrum is an employee resource group led by Argonne employees who are specifically dedicated to building awareness of, and providing resources to, Argonne’s LGBTQA+ community in support of Argonne’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives and the Argonne Next pillar of Community.

All Argonne, DOE, and UChicago employees are welcome to participate. We are an inclusive community made up of people of all orientations. Allies are always welcome!

Intellectual Property Symposium

Technology Commercialization and Partnerships, in partnership with the Legal Department, presents the 2017 Intellectual Property (IP) Symposium.

The event is free, but registration is required. Refreshments will be provided.

Cost-effective, more efficient batteries for medical devices

Atlas Energy Systems is developing novel battery technology at Argonne as part of the Chain Reaction Innovations startup studio program.

New effort by Argonne helps power utilities and others better plan for the futureMay 4, 2017

If you’re an electric utility planning a new power plant by a river, it would be nice to know what that river will look like 20 years down the road. Will it be so high that it might flood the new facility? Will the water be so low that it can’t be used to cool the plant? A new initiative by Argonne combines climate data and analysis with infrastructure planning and decision support to offer real help.

Plasma-assisted fuel injector cuts costs, adds fuel flexibility

Through the Chain Reaction Innovations startup studio program at Argonne National Laboratory, FGC Plasma Solutions is developing a better fuel injector for jet engines and gas turbines. This injector improves operability and reduces fuel consumption.

Membrane-free electrochemistry enables lower cost systems

Through the Chain Reaction Innovations startup studio program at Argonne National Laboratory, Advanced Ionics™ is developing new membrane-free technology that can lower costs, enhance durably, and increase efficiency.