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Technology Commercialization and Partnerships Division

Direct Synthesis of Reduced Graphene Oxide Films on Dielectric Substrates (ANL-IN-14-110)

A method for coating a dielectric substrate with a R-GO film includes positioning the dielectric substrate in a chamber which is purged with a first gas to adjust a pressure of the chamber to a first pressure

A second gas at a second flow rate and a third gas at a third flow rate is inserted into the chamber to increase the chamber pressure to a second pressure greater than the first pressure. A chamber temperature is increased to a first temperature. The flow of the second gas and the third gas is stopped. The chamber is purged to a third pressure higher than the first pressure and lower than the second pressure. The pressure of the chamber is set at a fourth pressure greater than the first pressure and the third pressure. A fourth gas is inserted into the chamber at a fourth flow rate for a first time.


  • Optically transparent, CVD deposition of reduced graphene oxide film directly on the glass substrate 
  • Wafer-scale synthesis in few mins 
  • Pin-hole free deposition 
  • Moderate sheet resistance at lower thickness 
  • High thermal conductivity than Tin Oxide