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High Resolution X-Ray and Gamma Ray Imaging Using Diffraction Lenses with Mechanically Bent Crystals (IN-06-004)

Argonne licensing opportunity

A method for high spatial resolution imaging of a plurality of sources of x-ray and gamma-ray radiation is provided. High quality mechanically bent diffracting crystals of 0.1 mm radial width are used for focusing the radiation and directing the radiation to an array of detectors which is used for analyzing their addition to collect data as to the location of the source of radiation. A computer is used for converting the data to an image. The invention also provides for the use of a multi-component high resolution detector array and for narrow source and detector apertures.

This invention relates to a method for improving the imaging of a source of radiation and to a device for imaging a source of radiation, and more specifically, this invention relates to a method and device for producing a high spatial resolution three-dimensional image of a source of x-ray and gamma-ray radiation for medical and other applications by using a plurality of nearly perfect mechanically bent diffracting crystals which focus x-ray and gamma-ray radiation onto one or more detection devices.