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Technology Commercialization and Partnerships


Innovating tomorrow’s materials today

Argonne’s innovations in high-tech materials are key to breakthroughs in biology, the environment, nuclear energy, transportation and national security.

Argonne continues to make revolutionary advances in the science of materials discovery and synthesis, and is designing new materials with advantageous properties — one atom at a time. Examples of these include Argonne’s patented technologies for nanoparticle applications, heat transfer and materials for advanced energy storage.

Argonne Design Works offers a liaison that can navigate the complete spectrum of the laboratory’s capabilities, cutting across all the diverse scientific fields represented at Argonne. This concierge approach will help industry benefit from access to cutting-edge facilities beyond the research budgets of most firms.

Argonne Design Works

Argonne works with existing and start-up businesses to license our technologies and to develop, analyze, and test new technology.

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