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Technology Commercialization and Partnerships

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Integrated approach to solving materials challenges

The Challenge

Currently, trial and error consumes much of the time expended in the metal AM design and production process. This is inefficient, expensive, and often results in parts that vary in quality. Because AM techniques are new and are comprised of highly dependent, related technologies, manufacturers would benefit from scientifically integrated, cross-disciplinary technology and access to advanced research facilities to deliver:

  • More reliable material behavior prediction
  • Reduced parameter variation
  • Faster synthesis
  • Less material excess and waste
  • Defect-free, certifiable parts

What Argonne Delivers

Argonne National Laboratory is helping those who rely on metal additive manufacturing improve part quality/reliability and process efficiency. As a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, Argonne is uniquely positioned to provide an integrated approach to solving the materials challenges of metal AM. The lab’s capabilities include:

The Benefits

By working with Argonne, industry partners can boost productivity and enhance their parts predictability and reliability through a deeper understanding of materials’ microstructure formation and growth.