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Technology Commercialization and Partnerships Division

Nitrogen Incorporated UltraNanoCrystalline Diamond As a Robust Electrical Contact to Diamond (ANL-IN-12-098)

A method of forming electrical contacts on a diamond substrate comprises producing a plasma ball using a microwave plasma source in the presence of a mixture of gases

The mixture of gases include a source of a p-type or an n-type dopant. The plasma ball is disposed at a first distance from the diamond substrate. The diamond substrate is maintained at a first temperature. The plasma ball is maintained at the first distance from the diamond substrate for a first time, and a UNCD film, which is doped with at least one of a p-type dopant and an n-type dopant, is disposed on the diamond substrate. The doped UNCD film is patterned to define UNCD electrical contacts on the diamond substrate.


  • Efficient x-ray position detector for synchrotron applications