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Technology Commercialization and Partnerships Division

Packaging Design for Storage, Transportation, and Disposal of Disused Radiological Sources (IN-16-068)

Argonne licensing opportunity [Available for Express Licensing]

A system for encapsulating and storing disused radiological sources in sealed capsules is provided, the system having:

  • a basket to removably position capsules relative to each other, the capsules containing the radiological sources;
  • a containment vessel for receiving the basket;
  • and a cask reversibly encapsulating or otherwise housing the containment vessel.

Also provided is a method for packaging, transporting and storing disused radiological sources. The method having the steps of:

  • transporting sealed capsules containing radiological sources from water pools to baskets;
  • placing the basket in a containment vessel and sealing the vessel with helium backfill;
  • placing the vessel in a cask and reversibly capping the cask;
  • surrounding the cask with personnel a shield and crumple zones to create a construct;
  • and transporting and storing the construct until its final disposal at a geological repository or a deep borehole, all without repackaging of the disused radiological sealed capsules.