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Technology Commercialization and Partnerships Division

Pressure Consolidation Technology for Fast Fueling Of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (ANL-IN-13-058, ANL-IN-14-071 and ANL-IN-18-124)

A refueling station operation methodology that reduces the refueling equipment capital cost and allows more efficient utilization of the station compressor, among other benefits

Technology Available for Licensing: Argonne National Laboratory researchers has developed a refueling station operation methodology known as pressure consolidation,” which exploits the relationship between the compressor suction pressure and the corresponding mass flow rate.

The operation methodology uses the compressor during its otherwise idle period to move hydrogen within the supply storage banks to ensure higher pressure at the compressor suction during high refueling demand periods.


  • Pressure consolidation refueling operation reduces the refueling equipment capital cost by up to 2530%; alternatively, the station’s refueling capacity could be increased by a factor of up to 3.
  • Pressure consolidation allows more efficient utilization of the station compressor
  • Pressure consolidation enables consistent high-state-of-charge (full) FCEV fuelings
  • Pressure consolidation allows higher utilization of the supply storage (or tube-trailer)
  • Pressure consolidation allows more continuous operation of the compressor, thus improving its operational reliability