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Technology Commercialization and Partnerships Division

Sequential Infiltration Synthesis for Enhancing Advanced Lithography (ANL-IN-10-106B)

Plasma etch resist material modified by an inorganic protective component via sequential infiltration synthesis (SIS) and methods of preparing the modified resist material

Technology available for licensing: The SIS process forms the protective component within the bulk resist material through a plurality of alternating exposures to gas phase precursors which infiltrate the resist material.


  • The plasma etch resist material may be initially patterned using photolithography, electron-beam lithography or a block copolymer self-assembly process.
  • The modified resist material is characterized by an improved resistance to a plasma etching or related process relative to the unmodified resist material, and
  • Thereby allowing formation of patterned features into a substrate material, which may be high-aspect ratio features.