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Technology Commercialization and Partnerships Division

Technologies and Methods for the Production of Lithium (IN-17-024, IN-17-079, IN-17-155)

Argonne licensing opportunity

Argonne has developed a suite of technologies and methods for a lower cost, lower energy consumption process for the production of high quality lithium metal for use in electrochemical applications, such as lithium-ion batteries.

This technology suite includes:

  • Electrodeposition methods and systems;
  • Lithium ion conducting membranes and methods for making the same;
  • System and methods for producing lithium metal from anodic or cathodic half-cells


ANL-IN-17-024: Room Temperature Production of Lithium Via Electrodeposition

ANL-IN-17-079: Ion-Conducting Hybrid Polymer-Crystalline Oxide Comoposite for Lithium Applications

ANL-IN-17-155: Room-Temperature Lithium Metal Synthesis in a Glass Flow Cell