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Microbial ecology

Below is a comprehensive list of articles, events, projects, references and research related content that is specific to the term described above. Use the filter to narrow the results further. To explore additional science and technology topics that Argonne researchers and engineers may be working on please visit our Research Index.

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  • Multi-Functional Landscapes

    EVS is demonstrating the feasibility of integrating perennial biomass crops into agricultural landscapes to produce bioenergy feedstock and commodity crops while providing multiple ecosystem services.
  • The Microbiome Center

    The Microbiome Center is an intellectual home for researchers across the University of Chicago, the Marine Biological Laboratory, and Argonne National Laboratory to advance understanding of the identity and function of microbes.
  • Sarah Owens

    Sarah runs the Environmental Sample Preparation & Sequencing Facility in the Biosciences Division.
  • Natural gas from coal, courtesy of microbes

    The key to extracting usable energy from deep coal seams and depleted oil reservoirs may lie with their tiniest residents: the microscopic organisms known as methanogenic Archaea.