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Accelerator Science and Engineering

Argonne maintains a wide-ranging science and technology portfolio that seeks to address complex challenges in interdisciplinary and innovative ways. Below is a list of all articles, highlights, profiles, projects, and organizations related specifically to accelerator science and engineering.

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  • Experimental Beamlines

    The 70 MeV Drive and the 15 MeV Witness linacs propagate in opposite directions, and come to a common area designated as the beamline switchyard where each linac can branch out into any of several beamlines where experiments are conducted.
    Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility
  • Cs2Te Deposition Chamber

    There are two Cs2Te deposition chambers at AWA. The first chamber is dedicated to the AWA drive beamline. It is a stainless steel UHV chamber with a base pressure of 2×10-10 Torr.
  • L-Band Klystron

    L-band klystrons (1.3 GHz) provide RF power to the AWA electron guns and linac accelerating structures.
    Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility
  • Argonne Cathode Test-stand

    The Argonne Cathode Test-stand (ACT) at AWA is a flexible and well-instrumented beamline dedicated to electron source research including field emission, photoemission, and other advanced emission mechanisms.
  • 14 MeV Witness Linac

    The AWA high intensity witness electron beam is generated by a photocathode RF gun, operating at 1.3GHz.
    Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility