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spent nuclear fuel

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  • Process Simulation and Safeguards

    Application of integrated chemical engineering and separations chemistry to develop, model, design, and demonstrate processes and equipment for the treatment of used nuclear fuel and radioactive waste while advancing nuclear nonproliferation.
  • Yung Y. Liu

    Yung Liu is a Senior Nuclear Engineer who leads the Packaging Certification & Life Cycle Management activities in Argonne’s Decision and Infrastructure Sciences Division.
  • Paul T. Dickman

    Paul Dickman is a Senior Policy Fellow with Argonne National Laboratory focusing on nuclear energy, nonproliferation, and national security policy.
  • John G. Stevens

    John Stevens leads the Reactor Material Management Programs in Argonne’s Nuclear Science and Engineering Division, whose teams perform reactor conversion design and analysis, in addition to contributing to development of advanced fuels.
  • Yoon Il Chang

    Yoon Chang is an Argonne Distinguished Fellow with over 40 years of experience in advanced reactor and innovative fuel cycle technology development and demonstration.
  • Hussein S. Khalil

    Hussein S. Khalil is the director of Argonne’s Nuclear Engineering research program. He leads the Lab’s research in nuclear energy development and application.
  • Yousry Gohar

    Yousry Gohar leads research including development and design of fusion and fission reactor components, design and analysis of nuclear systems, accelerator driven systems, nuclear technology development, and nuclear engineering computational methods.