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Argonne National Laboratory

Water Research Focus Areas

Argonne’s portfolio of water research projects falls into six focus areas. Many of these projects leverage the capabilities of powerful scientific tools at Argonne, including its world-class U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science user facilities.

Research Area

Water: Materials

Argonne’s water-related materials projects focus on developing and characterizing various materials such as membranes, sorbents and catalysts relevant to water monitoring, treatment, conveyance and reuse, and water-enabled energy production.
Research Area

Water: Sensors and Control

In this area, Argonne is developing affordable chemical and biological sensors that monitor water quality in polluted areas and control methods for water-related processes such as fouling of surfaces.
Research Area

Water: Sustainability

This focus area’s projects employ life-cycle assessment, techno-economic analyses and risk analyses to ensure our nation’s water sustainability.