Argonne National Laboratory

As a physicist working within Argonne's Materials Science Division, Igor Aronson embodies the interdisciplinary approach that's a strength of the lab.

A new nanotech invention improves the effectiveness of the 'penicillin of cancer.'

Noted chemist Emilio Bunel recognized for initiating and leading key programs and research.

Thin diamond films offer a new material for an array of micro-machines, including those in airbags, video projectors and biosensors.

A new study calls into question the existence of silicene, thought to be one of the newest and hottest two-dimensional nanomaterials.

Scientific User Facilities

Center for Nanoscale Materials
The CNM offers expertise, instruments and infrastructure for interdisciplinary nanoscience research.
Electron Microscopy Center
The EMC offers unique capabilities for electron beam characterization to solve materials problems.
Transportation Research and Analysis Computing Center
TRACC applies high-performance computing to priority transportation challenges.
Advanced Photon Source
The APS generates the most brilliant high-energy X-ray beams for research in the Western Hemisphere.
Argonne Leadership Computing Facility
The ALCF accelerates major scientific discoveries by designing and providing world-leading computing facilities.
Argonne Tandem Linac Accelerator System
ATLAS studies the properties of atomic nuclei, the core of matter, and the fuel of stars.

Science Highlight

Using Argonne's Advanced Photon Source (left), researchers uncover an additional mechanism underlying raloxifene action, providing an explanation for how the drug can achieve equivalent clinical benefit.
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