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Center for Nanoscale Materials

CNM Code of Conduct

The Center for Nanoscale Materials (CNM) is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment and culture to support scientific discourse and discovery that operates in accordance with Argonne’s Core Values. Argonne’s Code of Conduct sets expectations for everyone in the Argonne community – including users. Please review Argonne’s Code of Conduct and Argonne’s Code of Business and Ethics Conduct.

  • Everyone is responsible for maintaining an environment that is free from harassment (including sexual harassment), discrimination, and retaliation.
  • Retaliation of any kind against anyone who makes a good faith report is inconsistent with Argonne’s Core Values.
  • Behavior that is inconsistent with Argonne’s Core Values may result in suspension or revocation of Argonne access privileges. A User’s home institution will be notified.


Argonne’s Research Code of Conduct

Research integrity is an important aspect of the Integrity included in the Argonne Core Values which guide us as a lab and empower us to deliver science and technology, and operational excellence.

Argonne’s Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

We are committed to conducting all aspects of Argonne’s work on-site, online or anywhere else in accordance with the highest scientific, professional, and ethical standards.

Argonne’s Commitment to Safety

Safety is integral to Argonne’s scientific research and engineering technology mission. We care and protect people and our environment.

Argonne’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Argonne values excellence in science and engineering. Our collective diversity and an inclusive culture add value to our scientific enterprise.


If you see or suspect unethical or illegal behavior, you may report your concerns via the mechanisms below.



This webpage is not part of the Argonne National Laboratory website or intranet and provides an anonymous mechanism for reporting unethical or illegal activity. All calls are confidential to the greatest extent possible.

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Any time, from any location
  • You do not have to provide your name
  • Reports submitted will be handled promptly and discreetly
  • If you wish to speak to an Argonne representative, call Argonne’s Employee Relations Office at 630-252-5864.