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Argonne National Laboratory

For Employees

Helpful resources for working at Argonne

Argonne offers a variety of resources for those working at the laboratory or from a remote location.

Argonne Service Desk 

Available during normal business hours
Phone: +1-630-252-9999
Email: help@​anl.​gov
Request Assistance: vec​tor​.anl​.gov

Working Remotely

When working away from the laboratory, you may have need to access Argonne applications and data resources. Many tools can be accessed without the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection, though some will require installation and use of VPN software. Please contact the Argonne Service Desk (630-252-9999, option #2) for assistance with remote computing questions.

Access these Argonne Resources without VPN (login will be required)


Access Other Argonne Resources with VPN

  • Plan in advance – if you want to use Argonne’s VPN tools, your supervisor must approve the creation of a VPN account for you.
  • Remote Desktop – requires a VPN account, VPN software, the CSI# of the computer you wish to connect to, and a properly configured computer.
  • Download VPN software for a home computer – allows you to connect a computer securely to Argonne’s internal servers (requires entry of Argonne username and password for access)
  • Division-specific systems may require a VPN connection; please contact your IT support staff for guidance