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At Argonne, we are creating a smart campus that is a living example of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Argonne proactively champions practices that conserve energy, divert waste, conserve water, reduce fuel consumption and reduce pollution. Our sustainability program upgrades infrastructure and engages with the laboratory community to improve the site’s environmental bottom line. These practices reflect Argonne’s commitment to sustainable solutions for campus operations.

Argonne has a strong sustainability culture where employees actively work to help achieve environmental goals. We encourage staff to suggest new sustainability ideas and provide employee engagement opportunities including events like Earth Day.


Campus sustainability activities also work together with our other environmental initiatives, which include Argonne’s Environmental Protection Program and Natural Resources Program.


Sustainability Program Manager

Sustainability Program Resources for Download

Argonne supports world-class science and engineering through infrastructure modernization and engagement. The program’s goal is to deliver cost savings by addressing deferred maintenance and improving operations while reducing environmental impact

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