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Office of Community Engagement

Building intentional, collaborative and fruitful relationships

Community engagement is a longstanding and critical component of Argonne’s mission. We seek to make a positive impact on our local, state, and regional communities.

The Office of Community Engagement (OCE) supports Argonne’s efforts to:

  • Extend benefits from Argonne’s capabilities and resources to more communities, including minority and underserved communities
  • Advance science and technology through expanded collaborations
  • Accelerate the transfer of technologies invented at Argonne to industry and other partners for U.S. economic prosperity
  • Build the workforce of the future to maintain U.S. competitiveness

The OCE enhances Argonne’s efforts on this front by:

  • Building intentional, collaborative and equal relationships with communities and community-based institutions
  • Facilitating and investing in long-term, community-connected science and technology research opportunities 

The OCE supports the following Argonne programs/efforts: