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About Argonne

Our science redefines the possible. At Argonne, we explore the world together in order to build a better one.

Argonne is a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, where talented scientists and engineers work together to answer the biggest questions facing humanity, from how to obtain affordable clean energy to protecting ourselves and our environment. Ever since we were born out of the University of Chicago’s work on the Manhattan Project in the 1940s, our goal has been to make an impact — from the atomic to the human to the global scale.

The laboratory works in concert with universities, industry, and other national laboratories on questions and experiments too large for any one institution to do by itself. Through collaborations here and around the world, we strive to discover new ways to develop energy innovations through science, create novel materials molecule-by-molecule, and gain a deeper understanding of our planet, our climate, and the cosmos.

Surrounded by the highest concentration of top-tier research organizations in the world, Argonne leverages its Chicago-area location to lead discovery and to power innovation in a wide range of core scientific capabilities, from high-energy physics and materials science to biology and advanced computer science.

Visionary science

We pursue big, ambitious ideas that redefine what is possible. Our research pushes the boundaries of fundamental science, applied science, and engineering to solve complex challenges and develop useful technologies that can transform the marketplace and change the world.

Unmatched scientific facilities, programs and talent

Our diverse and dynamic research agenda spans over 20 research divisions, 12 centers, and six national user facilities. This rich scientific environment provides our researchers – and those who visit us from all corners of the globe – with an extraordinary range of cutting-edge facilities and scientific tools that support in-depth research, drive technological breakthroughs, and improve our nation’s competitiveness and quality of life.

Our People

Argonne’s scientific researchers unveil new discoveries and technologies that secure our nation and transform how we generate, distribute and use energy. We do this by tapping our researchers’ expertise in physics, materials and chemistry, math and computer science, life science, nuclear energy, and more. Our researchers eschew barriers and work together every day, regardless of discipline. This is the Argonne difference.

Argonne at a Glance

Argonne scientists and engineers make game-changing discoveries and inspire new technology to meet national needs for sustainable energy, economic competitiveness, and security.

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Our Path Forward

This factsheet summarizes Argonne’s strategy and goals as recently presented to the U.S. Department of Energy as part of the Department’s annual planning process for national laboratories.

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Our Mission

Our Vision