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Argonne National Laboratory

Tour the Lab

Learn firsthand how Argonne solves the nation’s greatest challenges

Argonne, a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center located 25 miles from downtown Chicago, welcomes members of the public to take guided tours of our scientific and engineering facilities.


Laboratory tours last about three hours, are free of charge, and are available by reservation only. Tours include an overview of the laboratory and visits to at least two research facilities: the Advanced Photon Source, ATLAS particle accelerator, and/or an exhibit hall telling the story of Argonne’s past and present research in nuclear science and engineering.

Tours are available for persons age 13 and older. Argonne’s Educational Programs and Outreach group offers science and engineering experiences for K-12, undergraduate and graduate students.

To schedule a tour for yourself or your group, please email tours@​anl.​gov or call +1 630-252-5562.

Please note that visitors 16 and older will need photo identification to enter the laboratory. School ID including photo is acceptable for visitors 16 or 17 years of age; state or federal ID is required for all visitors 18 and older. Review Visitor Information and Site Entry Requirements.

If you’re unable to visit but would like to invite an Argonne expert to speak to your group at your location, please contact our Speakers Bureau