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Science and Technology Partnerships and Outreach

Available for Licensing

Diverse technologies with worldwide impact

Argonne grants licenses for lab-developed intellectual property to existing and start-up companies that are technically and financially capable of turning early-stage technology into commercial products. We are committed to negotiating fair and reasonable license agreements that are beneficial to both parties. We work with our licensees to make these technologies a success in the commercial world.

Technologies Available for Licensing

Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Argonne is a global leader in advanced energy storage technologies with a portfolio of more than 125 patented advanced cathode, anode, electrolyte and additive components for lithium-ion, lithium-air, lithium-sulfur, sodium-ion, and flow batteries.



Argonne’s innovations in high-tech materials are key to breakthroughs in biology, the environment, nuclear energy, transportation and national security.

Instrumentation and Devices

Instrumentation and Devices

Argonne regularly invents sensors, detectors and other technologies for gaining valuable insights about the world around us.



Argonne’s transportation research efforts bring together scientists and engineers from many disciplines to find cost-effective solutions to critical issues like foreign-oil dependency and greenhouse gas emissions.

Security + Infrastructure

Teams at Argonne are developing scientific and technical national security solutions to address complex problems that threaten safety and stability throughout the world.

Life Sciences


Argonne’s life sciences research has yielded a portfolio of advanced technologies that are having a profound impact on medical technologies and therapies, energy production and sustainability, and bioremediation.

Licensable Software

Information + Computer Systems

Argonne’s innovations are focused on solving the most challenging scientific/technical problems through high-performance computing, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and advanced modeling and simulation.

Industrial and Manufacturing Processes


Argonne’s scientists create next-generation catalysts, processes, coatings and technologies that advance industrial development and output without compromising energy use and the environment.

Hydrogen + Fuel Cells

Argonne’s fuel cell research extends from nanometer scale to components and systems and is focused on performance, durability and cost.


Argonne has created a wealth of powerful software and models with broad-ranging applications, such as simulation and modeling, computation, Internet usage, and more.

Nuclear Science + Engineering

Argonne advances the design and operation of nuclear energy systems and applies nuclear energy expertise to current and emerging programs of national and international significance.

Express Licensing Technologies

Argonne’s Express option for select technologies provides several benefits for U.S. companies. It provides a streamlined pathway for interested and eligible companies to assess promising technologies through a standardized, exclusive, fixed-fee agreement.