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Connecting Argonne buyers with qualified vendors


Inspector General Fraud Alert   

Suppliers and vendors: Please be aware that fraudulent purchase orders and requests for proposals, which purport to originate from Argonne National Laboratory, are being circulated across the country. A very quick way to detect a fraudulent request is to look closely at the email involved with this activity, which will be someone@​anl.​gov. Argonne does not use other email addresses. Argonne has become aware of a recent increase in such fraudulent correspondence linked to the COVID-19 situation. Argonne is not liable for unauthorized or fraudulent activities purporting to be from Argonne. If your company has been contacted, please also report incidents using the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center to file a complaint www​.ic3​.gov.

The objective of the Argonne National Laboratory procurement system is to provide quality products and services in a timely manner to procurement customers.

The Argonne Procurement Department accomplishes this by using a variety of practices that comply with the U.S. Department of Energy Prime Contract mandates and statutory requirements.

For the last 2-3 years, our annual spend has been closer to $450 million annually.