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Argonne National Laboratory

Become a User

Achieve the imaginable

Argonne is home to multiple National Scientific User Facilities designed to give access to state-of-the-art equipment and expertise for various types of organizations across the globe.

Industry, academia, federal agencies, and state and local governments all tap into our rare and powerful tools to achieve technical breakthroughs that transform markets and change the world.

It is possible to access multiple User Facilities at Argonne for multimodal and cross-functional projects.
You can access the User Facilities for FREE if you intend to publish your results. You can also access User Facilities on a cost-recovery basis for proprietary research that is not intended for the public domain.

    Basic Steps for Becoming a User

Contact the appropriate User Facility for detailed instructions specific to each facility.

    1. Verify or establish a user agreement
    2. Register as User
    3. Check open calls for proposals for submission dates
    4. Submit your proposal
    5. Prepare for your visit
    6. Complete end of experiment” survey
    7. Acknowledge Argonne in your publications
    8. Begin revision or renewal process

    User Agreements

    A user agreement that covers liability, intellectual property, and financial matters is a prerequisite for work at any of Argonne’s user facilities.

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