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Argonne National Laboratory

Discovery Science

Fundamental research that drives innovation

Argonne is dedicated to the pursuit of big, ambitious ideas that redefine what is possible.

Argonne conducts fundamental research to understand, predict, and ultimately control matter and energy at the electronic, atomic and molecular levels. Through dedication to rigorous inquiry and a collaborative approach, our broad research agenda and unique scientific facilities support a cross-cutting research program that advances the leading edge in basic research.

Theme IV: Intertwined Order

We investigate a variety of emergent phenomena that are associated with the simultaneous presence of competing or co-operating short-range ordering motifs in the spin, charge, and lattice degrees of freedom.

Subsurface Biogeochemical Research

The long-term goal of the Argonne Wetland Hydrobiogeochemistry Scientific Focus Area is to develop a mechanistic understanding and ability to model the coupled hydrological, geochemical, and biological processes controlling water quality in wetlands.

Small Worlds

Small Worlds is focused on developing a new multi-modal imaging capability for studying complex multi-agent processes in cells and systems of cells across spatial and temporal scales.

Oleo Sponge

A technology for recovering oil and other petroleum products from water