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Strategic Initiative

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  • Water

    Argonne researchers leverage multidisciplinary teams, world-class facilities, powerful scientific tools, artificial intelligence and strategic partnerships to confront some of the most profound challenges for water-related science and technology.
  • Quantum Information Science

    Argonne leverages multi-disciplinary teams, world-class facilities, and powerful scientific tools to confront some of the most profound scientific and technological challenges in quantum information science.
    Argonne will receive $11 million in funding over three years as part of a series of research grants for quantum information science. (Image by Shutterstock / asharkyu.)
  • Sustainability

    At Argonne, we are creating a smart campus that is a living example of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.
  • Exascale Computing

    The ECP is a collaborative effort of two U.S. Department of Energy organizations – the Office of Science (DOE-SC) and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).