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Argonne National Laboratory

Artificial Intelligence

Accelerating science, driving innovation

Argonne researchers across the laboratory complex are using AI to design better materials and processes, safeguard the nation’s power grid, accelerate medical treatments, automate traditional research, and drive discovery.

Armed with some of the world’s brightest minds and best computing resources, Argonne is at the forefront of AI research, playing an integral role in applying innovative AI methods to solve problems and change lives.

Featured Projects

Artificial Intelligence Focus Areas

Artificial intelligence for science will transform science and accelerate discoveries


Argonne researchers are fundamentally changing the foundation of the scientific discovery process using artificial intelligence.


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Argonne brings together the leading experts in Artificial Intelligence to drive science forward

AI Distinguished Lecture Series

Argonne’s AI Distinguished Lecture Series feature pioneers and innovators from around the world conducting research in foundational and applied AI. The lectures cover a wide variety of topics in academia, industry, finance and technology.

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ALCF AI for Science Training Series

ALCF is hosting a series of hands-on AI for Science courses that will teach attendees to use leading-edge supercomputers to develop and apply AI solutions for the world’s most challenging problems.

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