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Argonne National Laboratory

OutLoud Lecture Series

Join us for Argonne’s public lecture series

Science is exciting, infinitely interesting, and something to be shared. The OutLoud Lecture Series is one way Argonne shares our fascinating work with the science-curious community. 

The lectures highlight Argonne’s cutting-edge research and pivotal discoveries that meet some of the world’s most complex challenges. A diverse range of topics are discussed including climate change impact, artificial intelligence advances, and energy innovation. 

Our next OutLoud entitled, Batteries: A Hidden Key to Climate Solutions” will be held as a hybrid event on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. Some of Argonne’s leading scientists will discuss the ever-increasing role large scale battery storage is playing in the global effort to tackle impacts of climate change. Argonne advances this work with its comprehensive battery research program. Please register to attend this event in-person or virtually.

We invite you to view video recordings of past programs and subscribe to receive announcements of upcoming OutLoud lectures.