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Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science

The Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science (ACCESS) is a catalyst for innovation comprised of scientists and engineers from across the lab who solve complex energy storage problems through multidisciplinary research.

Argonne is recognized as a global leader in energy storage research. Our cutting-edge science has enabled electric vehicles to travel farther, electronic devices to last longer, and renewable energy to be integrated into the nation’s electric grid.

ACCESS leverages multidisciplinary teams, world-class facilities, and powerful scientific tools to help public- and private-sector partners turn science into solutions.

We work to transfer battery innovations to the marketplace, providing processes, materials, performance testing data, and finished cells to industries ranging from transportation to manufacturing.

Argonne has demonstrated achievement in meeting a spectrum of energy storage challenges. The laboratory has amassed a portfolio of more than 250 patented advanced cathode, anode, electrolyte, and additive components for lithium-ion, lithium-air, lithium-sulfur, sodium-ion, and flow batteries.

Licensing agreements—with leading companies including General Motors, BASF, LG Chem, General Electric, and Toda America—to mass produce Argonne’s patented materials for advanced batteries have led to construction of new plants and creation of jobs in the United States. Learn more about our key research projects.

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Energy Storage Capabilities

Argonne wields a comprehensive array of capabilities and facilities to address challenges at every link of the energy storage chain, from analysis of raw materials for impurities to battery end of life and recycling.


ACCESS is led by a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience in private industry and public science, working with firms from large corporations to small startups.