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Materials Engineering Research Facility

Scaling up the theoretical to the practical.

Staff at Argonne’s Materials Engineering Research Facility (MERF) apply advanced synthesis and processing protocols, advanced in situ/operando characterization and modeling/simulation for the science-based scale-up of newly invented experimental materials and chemicals. The facility produces kilogram quantities of materials and makes samples available for industrial evaluation, prototyping, and to support further research. The MERF develops economically viable processes for materials manufacturing at scale and produces detailed process descriptions for accurate cost (techno-economic) modeling.

The MERF is an integral part of the laboratory’s Materials Manufacturing Innovation Center. The MERF’s capabilities include:

  • Development of analytical methods and quality control procedures for new material specifications
  • Scale-up of the manufacturing processes for newly discovered materials and chemicals
  • Analysis and refinement of processes for materials and chemicals synthesis
  • Providing kilogram quantities of novel materials to industry for testing
  • Evaluation of emerging manufacturing technologies
  • Workforce development on process R&D, scale up, advanced characterization, modeling and simulation, and advanced materials manufacturing

The MERF is open to outside organizations, including other national laboratories, universities and industry for process R&D and scale-up of new materials and validation of emerging manufacturing processes. By bridging the gap between small-scale laboratory research and high-volume manufacturing, research at the MERF promotes the development, de-risking, validation and ultimate commercialization of advanced materials and chemistries.